#6.Sales Promotions

Message Publications offers the following free sales promotional assistance to the authors for their publications.


Include the publication in one Annual Catalogue
Include the publication in our Price List
Display the publication in any one Book Fair that Message Publications may participate

Submit the Publication to two Newspaper/ Magazine for review.


Feature the publication under online shopping link at www.puttaparthi.info
One monthly eNewsletter insertion
One New Release Announcement (sent to the Subscribers upon release of the book)

Paid Promotions

These promotional literatures shall be distributed free of cost among the visitors at the Sai Towers bookstore in Puttaparthi and to anyone who buys any books online at www.puttparthi.info to promote the sales of the book. Author can obtain any number of copies of the literature for his/her usage. Packaging and postage should be borne by the author, at actuals.