#1.Author Publishing

Being an author means you need to get your book in other people’s hands so that they can benefit from your creation. It is much easier to self publish your book rather than going from publisher to publisher to get your book selected for publication as the chances of selection will be minimum. As a self publisher, you are in full control of production and distribution. You have the choice to make your work known to a wider audience and thereby establish yourself as an author. Once you publish a book, your enthusiasm and confidence will enable you to write further and be a publisher of more titles thereby gaining wider audience and popularity. At Message Publications, we help authors to realize their ambition to become self-publishers through the process of creating and marketing their own books. We provide assistance on a broader canvass – from printing of their books, to helping them create their own, quality website for promotion and sale of their book. We promise to make your authoring experience exciting and rewarding.